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Ben Ten rapped against Mega Man in Ben Ten vs Mega Man. He is the main protagonist in the multiple Ben Ten series.


Verse 1[]

Ben Tens my name, I got strength like FOURARMS

You can't hurt humans big boy, so you won't do me harm

Beat me, c'mon Mega Bitch, don't be so silly!

You're obviously too busy sucking Dr. Wiley's Willy!

Yeah I'm a kid but with a watch I've got class

I met astroboy, he said he fucked your robo dog in the ass

That's right I'm a kid who can swear, just "WATCH" me

I control the omniverse, you're a metal zombie

Verse 2[]

*presses watch and morphs into an older Ben Ten*

I'm older now, quit it with your little jokes, please

Call me Windman, cause beating you is a breeze

I'll go humungosaur on you, I had a movie, metal shit!

stop playing with baby armor outfit, MegaBitch!