Dexter McPherson battled Johnny Test in Johnny Test vs Dexter. He is the main protagonist of the show Dexter's Laboratory.

Lyrics Edit

Verse 1 Edit

I'm Dexter, remember that bitch because after this

you're about to get dissed by a scientist!

No more games red headed boy this is time to get serious

Think twice before messing with the all mighty boy genius!

You're more easy then beating my enemy so this will be your end

Your show is so bad you have a talking dog is a friend

Fuck your show and your experiments tests

This day will be the day you remember that dexter is the best

Verse 2 Edit

You're starting to get annoying you remind me of my sister

I'm not just a genius I'm also a mad disser!

Go make out with your dog cause you don't get any girls at all

You're only 4 foot 6 and you're calling me small!

The bad guy in your show has a crush on one of your sisters

Quit now kid or my robots will leave you in plisters

Don't try to kill me with your terrible rhyms

You may have always one but not this time

Trivia Edit

  • He is the first rapper in the whole Epic Cartoon Made Rap Battles series.

Goofs Edit

  • The line "Fuck your show and your experiments tests", it should say experiment.
  • The line "Quit now kid or my robots will leave you in plisters", blisters is misspelled as plisters.
  • The line "Don't try to kill me with your terrible rhyms", rhymes was misspelled as rhyms.
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