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Johnny Test battled Dexter McPherson in Johnny Test vs Dexter. He is the main protagonist in the show with the same name.


Verse 1[]

Blah Blah Blah I'm up against some nerd

You are your show is nothing but a massive pile of turd

I think you're just mad cause your show got take down

You're always in a lap and do you have the downs

Ginger haired freak you're fucking nothing but jealous

Me kicking your smart ass is what I call hilarious

You're so small you look like a midget dude

so I'm going to kick your ass and thats what I came here to do!

Verse 2[]

Don't try to diss me with your science shit dude

Hey Doggy don't you think it's time for Johney X and Super Pooge

Verse 3[]

Well we have just burned you flat

Your parents don't even know you have a lap you brat!