Epic Cartoon Made Rap Battles Wiki

Johnny Test vs Dexter is the first installment of Season 1 in the Epic Cartoon Made Rap Battles series. It features Johnny Test rapping against Dexter, to truly see who's the better genius.


Dexter McPherson:[]

I'm Dexter, remember that bitch because after this

you're about to get dissed by a scientist!

No more games red headed boy this is time to get serious

Think twice before messing with the all mighty boy genius!

You're more easy then beating my enemy so this will be your end

Your show is so bad you have a talking dog is a friend

Fuck your show and your experiments tests

This day will be the day you remember that dexter is the best

Johnny Test:[]

Blah Blah Blah I'm up against some nerd

You are your show is nothing but a massive pile of turd

I think you're just mad cause your show got take down

You're always in a lap and do you have the downs

Ginger haired freak you're fucking nothing but jealous

Me kicking your smart ass is what I call hilarious

You're so small you look like a midget dude

so I'm going to kick your ass and thats what I came here to do!


You're starting to get annoying you remind me of my sister

I'm not just a genius I'm also a mad disser!

Go make out with your dog cause you don't get any girls at all

You're only 4 foot 6 and you're calling me small!

The bad guy in your show has a crush on one of your sisters

Quit now kid or my robots will leave you in plisters

Don't try to kill me with your terrible rhyms

You may have always one but not this time

Johnny Test:[]

Don't try to diss me with your science shit dude

Hey Doggy don't you think it's time for Johney X and Super Pooge


You think you're gonna win, least we're smart enough

to know the answer is no! go make out with a robot, you stupid ho!

The Test Twins:[]

Step away Johney let the girls finish this freak

You fail in every episode and your intelligence is weak

We are true cretors you are just a geek!

And truly you're a wannabe as we speak!


  • This is the first official battle of the whole series
  • The creators in 2016, admitted it to be the cringiest one of all.