Mickey Mouse battled Felix the Cat in Mickey Mouse vs Felix the Cat and Mickey Mouse vs Felix the Cat 2. He is the main mascot of the whole Disney franchise.


Verse 1

Hey Hey, Kids, I'ma bout to beat this small mouse out.

Everyone's heard of me and no, you're not aloud in my clubhouse

I'm a mouse Emcee, with raps that squeak clean,

With average intelligence, I created the book on cartoon history

Enraging like Donald Duck, every animation looks up to me

While you're biting off more than you can chew, you're dumber than Goofy!

Verse 2

Don't talk like that Felix! Or they'll get rid of you again

Hehe, don't say I warned ya. You're more unoriginal than Ben Ten!

But I'll at least say thanks because you made Disney blow up

In fact, I did that, I take it back, I don't give a fuck!

Verse 3

You can't beat this mouse, you're tails like my spouse

I'm usually calm and friendly, but you, you make me shout!

HeHe, call me Suicide Mickey, No one even remembers you at all

this is like Tom and Jerry, the mouse won, now let's neuter your balls

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