Wallace rapped against Morph alongside Gromit in Morph vs Wallace and Gromit. He is the owner of Gromit in the Wallace and Gromit claymation series.

Lyrics Edit

Verse 1 Edit

Hey Gromit, am I really going to lose to this piece of clay?

the only white friend you got is a idiot addicted to cupcakes

You're going to need too Morph into a better rapper if you wanna beat

this cheese loving MC.

While your being cancelled, by Aardman, everyone is still loving me!

All your episodes are repetitive that's why they didn't make too many.

I bet your small tony hart is older than grandmorph's willy!

Look at this guy, he'll be looking different when sucker punch it to bitch

You won't time to beat me, since your episodes are like 1 minute!

Verse 2 Edit

Thats a lot of cheesy shit you seem to be spitting

You cannot beat this british duo who's about to start hitting

This disgrace to claymation should just go back to being cancelled

I'm a colorful kids chap, while you're not even liked by adults